Team Building

Team Building – It’s not just a corporate thing!

Team Building is not just for corporate! It’s also for besties, buds, parties, sports fanatics and anyone who enjoys a challenge and fun!

Our games create a unique experience of learning, laughter, fun, creativity and trust.  Providing groups an opportunity to see how each person operates in different pressure situations (remember, you only have 60 minutes to escape) such as logic, communication (speak up or listen), creativity (think outside the box) and critical thinking and work together to escape.  Who knows, you may discover a new genius in the group!

The experience will be remembered for a long time to come, and provide some teams with bragging rights!  At the end of your session, your Game Master will discuss with you how the team did, what you may have done to escape or why you escaped so quickly.

If you have any special requests or are in need for a time outside normal hours, we will do our best to accommodate to make your experience memorable.  Please contact us via email or phone with your request.

We look forward to providing an exciting experience and can’t wait to see you!